Sanchez Fischer Levine, LLP

Corporate Investigations

Experienced Former Prosecutors, Compliance Attorneys, and Criminal Law Practitioners


Internal Corporate Investigations

Our corporate investigations team includes former prosecutors, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, former federal and state law enforcement agents, former in-house corporate counsel, and a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist. We have extensive experience investigating and prosecuting illegal activity, and we utilize that experience to meet the specific needs of our clients. We conduct confidential internal investigations to root out bad actors and unauthorized activity within privately-held organizations. We prepare thorough investigative reports to be used for insurance claims, regulatory compliance, and in some cases, referrals to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution. Our services include:

  • Internal investigations of employee theft, fraud, embezzlement, misuse of corporate assets, money laundering, and other illegal or unauthorized activity
  • Forensic analysis of financial activity
  • Referrals for criminal prosecution

Subpoena Compliance and Response

Our lawyers assist businesses and individuals in responding to government-issued subpoenas. Federal and state law enforcement agencies often issue investigative subpoenas and/or subpoenas for testimony in pending criminal or civil investigations or prosecutions. The process routinely involves the diligent collection and comprehensive review of both corporate and personal documents, as well as a detailed debriefing with the subpoenaed party. Our team considers the specific requests in each subpoena and evaluates the rights and remedies available to each particular client. We routinely represent clients served with investigative subpoenas, which often serve as a prelude to the initiation of a criminal, civil or administrative action, and strive to avoid potential fines, penalties, or charges.